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Keyboard Logitech Cordless Desktop wave Pro $130 connects the popular Logitech Cordless Desktop wave with the mouse from the winning editors' choice MX 1100. Although there may be more than you used to pay for the mouse and keyboard, the package combines two Logitech input devices logo and the price reflects a significant improvement in a budget on the features and quality of construction. Logitech adds more value to the package by a rechargeable version of the MX1100 mouse company, so there's no problem we recommend this package for typists, office, home users, and the players also. In our report on keyboard Logitech Cordless Desktop wave, we are also impressed with its unique curved design. After using the keyboard for nearly two weeks, we can confirm that the keyboard will make no more uncomfortable over time. Your experience may vary, but the overall shape of the core zone contributes significantly accelerates the learning curve associated with a keyboard design by default and in full height case. Wave office by two AA (one set included) wireless keyboard powered, you can easy driver pro reviews switch to the conservation of the battery and the keyboard and mouse is connected via a simple USB 2. dongle 0. We sometimes also perforated wrist pad located at the bottom of the keyboard and ergonomic level to reduce the pain of the hand at the wrist, usually operated at the end of long sessions. Disappointment in the placement of multimedia buttons and direct access to the top of one express the first time that we have discussed this keyboard. In this package, nothing cannot be changed, but you can use two small buttons on the keypad. There for the team and enable / disable shortcuts, but you can change their functions in the point of reference for software Logitech Desktop, which is included in the package. The momentum of this package is the decision of Logitech to record a rechargeable version of the MX 1100 wireless mouse. At the time of the review, you have the Rechargeable version of the mouse only in this set. If purchased separately, comes with standard and rechargeable alkaline battery mouse. It is good Logitech product in this package, but it is bad album, it has a keyboard. You always have the option, but is just an annoying secondary market purchase, or buy your standalone rechargeable MX 1100. .